Time to take control of our country by using common sense: Pollievre

    Monday, 8 May 2023 06:15

    By Tonya Organ

    The Canadian Press

    Upwards of 200 people showed up in Cox’s Cove on Friday to hear from a man with plans on becoming Canada’s next Prime Minister.

    The federal Conservative leader spoke about how to fix the fishery, especially crab and lobster. Pierre Poilievre says Japan would get oil from Canada to decrease their dependency on Saudi Arabia and in return, they would have to buy our produce, instead of Russian seafood dumped on the global market. He said the carbon tax would be axed and income tax lowered to put bigger paychecks in the hands of working people. Poilievre says it’s time to take back control of our country by using common sense. He says the World Economic Forum is a group of billionaires who have no place within government. Poilievre says all MP’s would be banned from the WEF and politicians would be working for people. He says Conservatives recently had legislation passed that would protect seniors by taking care of them first when a business goes bankrupt. Poilievre says he would cut red tape so doctors and nurses can work anywhere in Canada, and he would repeal online censorship. He says tougher penalties are needed for gun crimes and citizens deserve to keep their registered guns. Poilievre also says a seal industry is needed to deal with the huge number of these mammals that are depleting our cod and salmon.

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