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    Support local radio that supports the community.

    BayFM (formerly Bay of Islands Radio) is a not-for-profit radio station committed to serving and staying connected to our communities. We are all about local – engaging and connecting with listeners and the communities we serve. Our local flavour combined with a mainly country format, unique to our region, means we have a large share of the radio market. We are live and local from our Corner Brook studios each day with trusted personalities who are well-known and respected in the community. BayFM is also the last remaining radio station broadcasting locally from Corner Brook.

    We guarantee that advertising on BayFM will give you the most value and greatest exposure for your money. Let ad frequency work for you on BayFM! And, because we’re a registered non-profit, we’re not in it for the money, meaning we can offer very affordable rates, putting radio in reach for even small businesses. We’ll even create a custom commercial for your business, free-of-charge.

    Reaching over 25,000 people each week!

    Why advertise on BayFM?

    • High listenership and listener retention (average 6.7 hours per week)
    • Continuous listener data available throughout your campaign
    • You help support the only local radio station in the Corner Brook area.
    • We provide an important service in keeping the community informed.
    • Our sponsorship packages are very affordable in price – in fact, our rates can’t be beat!
    • We support many local events and organizations in our community throughout the year, allowing our sponsors the widest exposure.
    • We promote community events and PSAs for non-profit organizations.
    • We provide local information including news, sports and weather updates.
    • Your money is going back into your community, helping us to further support local organizations.

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    Carol Bishop - Account Manager  /  Lenny Benoit - Station Manager

    (709) 637-0183 opt. 4

    If you’re interested in learning more about advertising on BayFM, please call, e-mail, or fill out the form below.





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