Riverside Drive landslide not related to Friday washout, says City; geotechnical engineer engaged

    Tuesday, 2 April 2024 21:40

    By Kody Gardner

    This photo, taken Tuesday, shows the aftermath of a landslide that swept one vehicle and two people into the Humber River. (City of Corner Brook photo)

    City Council provided the public with an update at Tuesday's scheduled meeting. Riverside Drive will be closed for the forseeable future.

    In wake of the recent landslide incident on Riverside Drive, members of Corner Brook City Council provided a public update at Tuesday night's meeting.

    The City's engineering department has engaged a geotechnical engineer to assist in assessing slope stability before allowing heavy equipment onto the scene. The area remains saturated, prompting officials to closely monitor water seepage over the coming weeks, allowing the area to dry.

    The next steps involve a comprehensive evaluation utilizing topographic/LiDAR surveying techniques and geotechnical boreholes to model the slope accurately. These assessments will provide valuable insights and recommendations for permanent remediation and reinstatement measures.

    However, safety remains paramount, leading authorities to maintain the closure of both the road and sidewalk. Residents are strongly advised to steer clear of Riverside Drive, including pedestrians. Confederation Drive extension beyond the Ford dealership, known as the old highway, should also be avoided at this time.

    While nearly 1000 Newfoundland Power customers were without power following the slide on Monday night, all but two have since been restored: Atlantic Ready Mix and a Bell Aliant communications tower, according to the City.

    The City says it's also essential to note that this recent landslide is distinct from a prior incident that led to the precautionary closure of the road over the long weekend. Friday's washout, caused by an overflowing waterway carrying debris, prompted temporary closures. Following cleanup operations, Public Works staff conducted thorough inspections of surrounding woods and waterways. Monday night's landslide occurred at a higher elevation and in a different location, not associated with the previous water course, according to the City.

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