Acabella with Whitney Rowe at the RAC next week

    Tuesday, 11 June 2024 12:00

    By Tonya Organ

    Today, the band, “Acabella” consists of a 7 member all female group.

    In 2005, a group of women in the Corner Brook area decided to get together and make some music. Today, the band, “Acabella”consists of a 7 member all female group and some of the band recently joined Bayfm’s Dean Clarke for a chat on “Scoffs and Scuffs.” Rebecca Pike says many original members were taking part in community musicals and their love of music is what’s keeping them going. She says this type of music can be tough since there are no musical instruments. Acabella with Whitney Rowe is due to perform at the Rotary Arts Centre on June 18th.

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