Impacts of Bill C-18

    100.1 BayFM can no longer be accessed in Canada through its Facebook or Instagram pages. This is affecting all news media organizations in Canada as we navigate the impact of Bill C-18.

    What is Bill C-18?

    Bill C-18, or the Online News Act, lays out a framework that would require digital giants such as Google and Meta to develop agreements with Canadian news sites to provide them with compensation for sharing their online news content through links or other means.

    What does this mean?

    Recently, you may have heard about Meta (owner of Facebook & Instagram) taking a significant step in Canada. They have made the decision to block ALL news sources in the country on their platforms which includes BayFM.

    BayFM, like other community radio stations across Canada, must produce a minimum of 15% news content in our programming. However, due to Meta's banning of all broadcasters that carry news content in Canada from its platform in response to federal legislation, BayFM, like all radio stations in Canada, are caught in the middle of a battle between the Canadian government and web giants.

    Why does this impact community radio?
    Non-profit radio was unanimously included in amendments to Bill C-18 as it was passed because these stations are required by license to create local news (15%, the only license required to do so). Meta refused to meet with Campus/Community Radio associations, and with the inclusion of them as mandated participants in discussion, these stations were put on the ban list – even though they are not 100% news outlets.

    What can you do? 

    Do you care about access to local news from a local broadcaster? If you disagree with Meta’s decision to block news broadcasters in our country, it’s crucial to take action and let your concerns be heard. You can make a difference by reaching out to your Member of Parliament (MP) and Meta directly.

    🏛️ Contact your MP: As elected representatives, MPs are here to advocate for your interests. Express your concerns about the impact of this news block on access to information and the importance of reliable news sources. Urge them to engage in dialogue with Meta and work towards a resolution that benefits both users and news organizations.


    📧 Reach out to Meta: Let Meta know how you feel about their decision and its implications. Be respectful but assertive in voicing your opposition to the news block and highlight the significance of access to diverse and trustworthy news content. Your feedback can contribute to shaping their policies and approach moving forward.

    BayFM's local content can continue to be heard on-the-air at 100.1 FM and read online at We remain committed to serving the community even though we are no longer available through some social media platforms.

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